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Spring Festival Greetings from Expats
New Year firework shows in Dongguan
Fireworks displays will be held in many of the townships in Dongguan to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year.
Festive activities in Dongguan
A series of activities during the Spring Festival have been planned for migrant workers, college students and foreigners who will spend their holidays in Dongguan, helping them enjoy the holiday without their families.
Kushal Semwal:running an Indian restaurant
Mr. Kushal Semwal came to China seven years ago. He has been running restaurants in China since 2004. He likes China, that's why he invests a lot of money here.
Fernando Munoz:Asian Games in Dongguan
To Fernando Munoz, the most memorable thing that happened in Dongguan last year is the Asian Games. The weightlifting event was held in Dongguan, which brought a lot of attention to the city from the Asia-Pacific area. It w..
Sev Pischl:finding a homein Dongguan
The most memorable thing for Sev last year will be coming to Dongguan, making the decision to move here, happily to find a good job and doing interesting work like translating for government. This kind of things let him fee..
John Lombard:moving to Dongguan to start a new lif
Moving to Dongguan and starting a new life is definitely the biggest thing for John last year. He has lived in China for 18 years now. He had a lot of experience in North China, East China, West China, but he knows almost n..
Leanne:moving to Dongguan from New Zealand
The most memorable thing that happened to Leanne in 2010 was moving to Dongguan from New Zealand in last September. Everything is new to her and that is pretty impressive.
Amanda: host a product promotion in English
The most memorable thing for Amanda in 2010 is that she was invited to host a product promotion in English. Actually that was her first time to do it because she was required to speak English.
Kushal Semwal: going to Sichuan for the holiday
Kushal Semwal has invited his whole family to come to China to celebrate the Chinese New Year. He hopes that his family will learn more about Chinese culture.
Fernando Munoz: celebrate the Spring Festival and
His birthday is on the February 3rd, the first day of Chinese New Year, which Fernando thinks is a very good omen. He will have a party to celebrate both the Year of Rabbit and his birthday. But he will work, no holiday for..
Sev Pischl:to learn more Chinese culture and langu
For the Spring Festival in Dongguan, most of his Chinese friends will go back to their hometowns or will be busy with their family. So Sev will use the time to relax, read some books and learn more Chinese, try to practice ..
John Lombard:be successful for business and life
John is planning to start a new company here. So he really wishes he can start the company successfully, be successful in Dongguan both for his business and for his personal life. The other thing is that he wants to lose a ..
Leanne: to visit her friends and family
Leanne's New Year wish is to learn Chinese and to do little bit more exercise. She is going to Australia to visit her friends and family during the Spring Festival.
Amanda: stay in DG & feel Lingnan Culture
Amanda wishes all her relatives and friends very healthy and happy. She also wishes her cute students grow up happily. As for herself, she hopes she can learn Korean and Japanese very well.
Kushal Semwal: Enjoying himself in Dongguan
Mr. Kushal Semwal says he enjoys the life in Dongguan
Fernando Munoz:happiness is about wellbeing of citizens beyond basic needs
To Fernando, once your basic needs are covered, anything else will bring you happiness. If you dont have what you need, then you are unhappy. If you have what you need, then you have everything in front of you to add on to..
Sev Pischl:to translate maps and bus timetables
As a foreigner living in China, satisfaction will be being able to communicate with Chinese people, building friendships and relationships, and being able to communicate well. Sev thinks that the biggest thing the governmen..
John Lombard:improving opportunities for people
For John, happiness is self-fulfillment. It means being able to do the thing that make you happy and fell valuable. People will be happy if the government finds a way to equalize that difference. It does not only mean givin..
Leanne:enjoy your life as much as you can
Happiness in Leanne's eyes is to have someone who love you, think happy when you work, and generally enjoy your life as much as you can.
Amanda: to have dream to dream
In Amanda's eays, happiness is to have something to do, have dream to dream, and have someone to love.
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2011-2-2 18:44:00
Wish all a Happy and Healthy in the Chinese New Year of Rabbit!
2011-2-2 14:31:00
i hope all people will do the things which they like,also we should do something better to the foreigners!Happy new year!
2011-2-2 12:12:00
Happy Dongguan ! Happy 2011!
2011-2-1 19:55:00
happy new year!Wish us always happy and healthy!
2011-1-30 19:13:00
Our city really should do something to make the foreigners here happier, and there are indeed many different ways to achieve that goal.
2011-1-30 19:12:00
I agree that happiness is a old philosophical question.
2011-1-30 19:11:00
Interesting stories!
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