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Cycling around Huangqi Mt. City Park
The local government of Dongguan made chucked millions of RMB at Huangqi Mt. City Park, combining Qifeng Park and Huying Park with a brand greenway, the park next door and turned it into one of the most beautiful spots in Dongguan. In this show, Geno was joined by his biking friends to check out thi..
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Commonly used Chinese words and phrases in daily life. Email us if there are other phrases in Chinese you would like to see here.
Dragon lóng
Trophy jiǎng bēi
Firecracker biān pào =
Firework yān huā
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Simple tips for foreigners to do things in Dongguan and China.
Chinese New Year Tips learn more >
Zoo tips learn more >
Water water and sun ..... learn more >
Where am I going ? learn more >
Where's your helmet ? learn more >
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Other towns of Dongguan
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Cycling around Huangqi Mt. City Park
New places to enjoy coffee
New Places to Eat & Relax
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Next show, we will take you to another good place for a cup of coffee. Don't miss it.
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Don?ˉt Worry Be Happy, presented by Geno DeVille and Dongguan Today website, is a monthly interactive information feature aimed at making life easier for the foreigners in Dongguan. We will have a show on different topics on the 10th day of each month.
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