1. Aims
In 2006,Dongguan was awarded its first international prize, the gold medal of LivCom Awards (the International Awards for Livable Communities). Now the city of Dongguan is undergoing the industrial transformation and upgrading abreast of the time. In the future, the city will play an increasingly important role in the international arena, so is the English language. The 1st Dongguan Oral English Contest is to encourage people from all walks of life to learn English well and to present their talent on a wider stage.

2. Theme: Dongguan, My Home
Contestants are required to talk about their life experience in Dongguan and how they feel about this city.

3. Categories:
--Primary School Category
--Junior High School Category
--Senior High School Category
--Adults Category

4. Eligibility:
Primary School, High School and Adults Categories
Full-time students (including primary school, middle school, high school and college students) enrolled in Dongguan and people of various professions in Dongguan, whose mother tongue is not English.

5. Registration Period & Place:
Registration Period: 1st September—25th September 2009
During this period, applicants should complete the online registration on Dongguan Today website (www.dgtoday.com.cn) or Sun0769 website (www.sun0769.com), or get the application form in Graceful Land (百悦尚城),Dongguan Avenue, Nancheng District, Dongguan.
Applicants are to submit their personal pictures and written articles for their speech online or on site. Applications are considered invalid unless all required documents have been submitted within the registration period.

5. Schedule:
Registration: 9/1/2009—9/25/2009
Interviews: 9/26/2009 (submitted for adjustment)
Semifinal: 10/7/2009-10/8/2009
Contestant Training 10/17/2009
Final & Awarding Ceremony: 10/31/2009

6. Contest Procedures:
The contest consists of Interviews, the Semifinal Contest and the Final Contest.
After the registration and preliminary examination, 50 participants among each category will be selected to attend face-face interviews according to the written speech they submitted via on-site or online registration.
30 participants among each category of Primary School, High School and Adults will be selected to enter the semifinal contest through the interviews
10 participants among each category of Primary, High School and Adults will for the final contest.

7. Contest Methods:
The Semifinal Contests:
--Primary School Category:
2-minute prepared speech 60%
1-minute telling a story with given words 40%
--High School, Adults Categories:
3-minute prepared speech 60%
2-minute question and answer session upon the prepared speech 40%

8. Prizes
Primary School, Middle School, & Adults Categories:
First Prize (three participants, one in each Group): 7-day summer camp in Singapore in 2010, 3-month free English training courses in Metro English
Second Prize (six participants, two in each Group): 1000 yuan cash for each, 2-month free English training courses in Metro English
Third Prize (nine participants, three in each Group): 500 yuan cash for each, 1-month free English training courses in Metro English
Excellence Prize (twelve, four in each Group): 200 yuan cash for each

9. Scoring Criteria
Content of the speeches: distinct theme, creativity, persuasive 50%
Language: pronunciation, intonation, fluency, masterly choice of words 30%
Conversational skills: good-mannered, facial expression, body language, eye contact 20%

10. Evaluation:
Experienced English experts and professors of English will be invited to form the judges' panel of the contest.
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