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Construction of Dongguan-Huizhou intercity light rail project started
http://www.dongguantoday.com 2009-5-17 19:48:00

Citizens will have more convenient transport between the cities of Dongguan and Huizhou by the end of 2012. On May 8, the ceremony for starting the construction of the Dongguan-Huizhou intercity light rail project, a significant part of the intercity rail transportation network within the Pearl River Delta, was held in Changping Town, Dongguan. Secretary of the Guangdong Communist Party Committee Mr. Wang Yang, Governor Mr. Huang Huahua, Secretary of the Dongguan Communist Party Committee Mr. Liu Zhigeng, Secretary of the Huizhou Communist Party Committee Mr. Huang Yebing and the Mayor of Dongguan Mr. Li Yuquan all attended the ceremony.

As one of the projects of the intercity rail transportation network within the PRD plan approved by the State Council, the Dongguan-Huizhou intercity light rail project plays a significant role in the PRD east-bank rail network. The 97-kilometer rail line will start from Hongmei, Dongguan station of Guangzhou-Dongguan-Shenzhen intercity rail transit. It will run through Daojiao, Nancheng, Dongcheng, Liaobu, Songshan Lake, Dalang, Changping and Xiegang of Dongguan, and also Lilin, Chenjian, Huihuan and Huicheng of Huizhou. Its terminal will be Huizhou Avenue of Huizhou. The target speed is 200 km per hour. The total running time for a complete trip will be less than one hour. The total investment in the project is 25.3 billion yuan. The rail is predicted to be opened for traffic by the end of 2012.

According to the plan, Dongguan-Huizhou intercity rail will connect with Guangzhou-Dongguan-Shenzhen intercity rail in Hongmei and have eight stations in Dongguan, crossing the mid-north Dongguan. The rail will also extend to Guangzhou in the west and connect with the inner ring of the PRD transport network. It will connect with the Guangzhou-Huizhou rail in the east and extend to Heyuan city.

According Huang Huahua, as a backbone project of the PRD east-bank rail network it will further connect Dongguan with Huizhou and is meaningful for the acceleration of the traffic and economic integration of PRD. The competitiveness of PRD will also be improved as a whole.

"It's a duty for us to spare no effort to support the construction of the project." said Li Yuquan in representation of the governments of Dongguan and Huizhou.

Li said, there has been a close connection between Dongguan and Huizhou in business trade since ancient times. There has been an aspiration for big volume, high-efficiency and low-consumption transportation for a long time. "After the completion of the project, it will become a convenient passage for passengers in the two cities," said Li.

(By Tan Jing)

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