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24 projects of Binhaiwan listed as major projects with a planned investment of 3.84 bln yuan
2022-04-13 09:43     Source : Dongguan Foreign Investment Promotion Center

Official information related to the development and construction of Binhaiwan Bay Area and the development of Dongguan Port

Recently, the “Major Project Plan of Dongguan in 2022” was officially issued. A total of 19 projects of Binhaiwan Bay Area are listed in the city's major construction project list, with a planned total investment of 3.84 billion yuan in 2022; 5 projects are included in the city's major preparatory project list, with an estimated total investment of 41.882 billion yuan.



Major Construction Projects

Among the 19 major construction projects in the city, a total of 11 projects are scheduled to be completed and put into production within this year, including 3 water conservancy projects, 6 urban construction projects and 2 livelihood security projects, with a total investment of about 4.27 billion yuan.

Projects planned to put into production in 2022

Water Conservancy Projects

Comprehensive renovation of Shachong

Binhai Vitality Corridor from Longchong to Miaochong

Landscape Improvement of Miaochong and its surrounding area

Urban Construction Projects

Dongwan Road (Jiaoyiwan section)

Binhaiwan Bridge

Upgrading and Reconstruction of Inner Ring Road (west section)

Humen Road South Extension

Upgrading and Reconstruction of Binhaiwan Road (Yanjiang Expressway-Xinyi Section)

Greening of Jiaoyiwan Road

Livelihood Security Projects

Construction of supporting facilities in Dongbao Park

Dongguan Zhenyuan Middle School

At the same time, another eight major construction projects have been accelerated. The three infrastructure projects of Haizhanguan Road North Extension, Fuhai Road South Extension, and Binhaiwan Foreign Language School are planned to attract a total investment of 260 million yuan this year. Among them, the Binhaiwan Foreign Language School with a total investment of about 930 million yuan will start construction in June this year and is expected to be put into use in September 2024.

Fuhai Road South Extension

OPPO Smart Manufacturing Center, vivo Smart Terminal Headquarters, Phase I of IMOO Smart Technology Center, OFILM Photoelectric Imaging Industry Project, and Zhengzhong Science Park are under construction and are planned to attract an investment of 2.38 billion yuan this year.

Editor: 谭晶