Appreciate rare birds in Binhaiwan Bay Area
2022-01-07 10:24     Source : Dongguan Today


On January 3, Che Gaohua, a member of the Dongguan Bird Watching Society, accidentally found a seabird suspected of being a black-faced spoonbill on a beach near Binhaiwan Avenue. The seabird strayed among other flocks of birds, constantly swaying its long bill to catch fish with its head bowed in the shallows.

The staff of the Dongguan Forestry Bureau confirmed that the seabird is the black-faced spoonbill. The species is under first-class state protection in China and among the endangered animals listed in the world. There are only a few thousand around the world. They fly gracefully and have a gentle temperament. It gets its name from its long, flat, spoon-shaped beak, similar to the Pipa, one of China's plucked stringed instruments.

There are great flocks of migrants on the beach, like black-headed gull and avocet, to spend the winter. Some hovered in the air, and some stood in the lake for food. They played and chased each other, enjoying themselves here.

The tidal flats of Jiaoyiwan are full of biodiversity. The sediment brought by the tides carries thousands of mollusks. Besides, the rising and falling tides also bring a variety of fish, which provides abundant food resources for migrating birds. Meanwhile, the coast is far away from the downtown area and retains the original ecological environment, attracting many visitants every year. It gradually becomes a vital station along with the creatures' migration.

This bird's paradise also draws many photographers and bird lovers, an ideal land for the harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

This is a vivid portrayal of "people protect the green hills, and the green hills will give something back" in the Binhaiwan Bay Area. By looking at the comprehensive ecological management of Maozhou River and Modie River, the construction of Dongbao Park and Binhai Station in recent years, Binhaiwan Bay Area has always adhered to the concept of environmental protection and green development. The building and improvement of the ecological environment are going better to better. It is actively building a beautiful waterfront landscape zone to enhance urban quality while improving the environment.

Editor: Zheng Sihui