More International flights, reasonable price adjustment expected: Guangzhou Baiyun Airport spokesman
2022-11-17 17:07     Source :

The international flights have been gradually resuming so far at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport and the flight prices will be reasonably adjusted as the circuit breaker scheme is canceled, according to a press conference held on November 16.

"The newly released 20 epidemic prevention and control measures will inject fresh impetus into the resumption of international flights at Baiyun Airport," said Qin Yaoming, spokesman of Baiyun Airport at the press conference.

According to Qin, Baiyun Airport recently saw the launch of Guangzhou-Abu Dhabi and Basrah-Guangzhou air routes, and the resumption of flights connecting the city with London, Frankfurt, Rome. It is going to resume more international flights including to New York.  

Currently, the Airport is working with different airlines on the international flight schedules for the next flying season. It is exepcted that the international flights will significantly increase in number in the coming winter/spring season. 

As the circuit breaker scheme is canceled, the international flights increase, a supply-demand balance is expected, "which will lead to the reasonable adjustment of ticket prices".  

Over the past three years, Baiyun Airport has been keeping its operation in an orderly fashion. Since this year (2022), the number of inbound and outbound flights at the Airport has registered 248,000 with a passenger throughput of about 24.5 million, ranking first in the country.

Currently, Baiyun Airport sees the operation of flights connnecting 45 destinations, about 50 percent of that in 2019, the number of flights doubles that in 2021. 

Editor: Zheng Sihui