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Dongguan People's Favourite Spring Festival Snacks
2017-01-25 09:26     Source : Dongguan Today

As the Spring Festival approaches, Dongguan families are all buying special festival goods, including traditional snack foods. Here's a list of local Dongguanese favourite snacks for the Chinese Lunar New Year. Let's take a look.

Chao Mi Bing (Fried Rice Biscuit)

Chao Mi Bing is imaginatively named after the key ingredient of fried rice flour, and is a tasty memorable treat. To make the snack, sautéed rice is ground to a powder, with sugar and water added as required. The paste is compacted and mixed with crushed peanuts. As Chao Mi Bing generally has a set shape, a mould is used to cut pieces ready for cooking in an open charcoal fire. 

Editor: 容艳君