[Posters] Have a safe and happy National Day holiday
Do not leave Dongguan unless necessary.
Great places to visit during the upcoming holiday
Dongguan has 26 national A-level tourist attractions, with National Day approaching, let’s go out and explore the beautiful city during the coming holiday!
Updates on the COVID-19 situation in Dongguan (Sept. 27)
Dongguan reported 5 new imported asymptomatic cases.
Dongguan city launched a series of livelihood services to improve people's sense of happiness
Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), Dongguan has adhered to the idea of People-centered development.
Young Dongguaner selected in 2022 Forbes Global 100 Outstanding Chinese
On September 13, the 2022 Forbes China ● Global 100 Outstanding Chinese was released.
24-Hour View of Dongguan, the City of Basketball
Vibrance blossoms everyday.