Wish you a happy, auspicious, jubilant Lantern Festival
Happy Lantern Festival!
Entrepreneurs enjoyed a happy Lantern Festival in Dongguan
Tasting the sweet dumplings, writing Chinese "Fu (福)", and making paper cutting......they had a happy Lantern Festival.
Dongguan has 102 provincial key projects this year
Recently, Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission unveiled plans for key construction projects in 2023.
Dongguan released top 10 popular tourist spots during CNY
From January 21 to January 27, 23 A-level tourist attractions in Dongguan received a total of 702,154 visitors.
Dongguan's GDP exceeded 1,120 billion yuan in 2022
In 2022, the gross domestic product of Dongguan was 1,120.32 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 0.6%.
2023, to be rich
2023, to be rich