How provincial congress of the CPC works?
​The 13th CPC Guangdong Provincial Congress kicked off on May 22 in Guangzhou.
World's largest 'back-to-back' flexible DC project built in Greater Bay Area
The project covers a new flexible DC converter station each in Guangzhou and Dongguan.
Guangdong's export increased by 5.1% in Jan-Apr
More specifically, exports increased by 5.1 percent, reaching 1.6 trillion RMB, while imports hit 942.83 billion RMB, a reduction of 3.8 percent.
Guangdong sees a 29.8% decrease in criminal cases in the past five years
The public's sense of security has grown by 6.19 percent in the past five years.
Space seeds to be bred in Guangdong's rural area
These space "passengers" include seeds of rice, tea, tobacco, broccoli, eggplant, and peanut.
13th CPC Guangdong Provincial Congress to start on May 22
The 13th Guangdong Provincial Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) will be held from May 22 to 25 in Guangzhou.