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Muyu Songs
2019-01-16 17:12     Source : Dongguan Today

Dongguan Muyu Songs are included in the third group of Guangdong non-material heritage and the third group of national non-material heritage. They are mostly accompanied by a three-string instrument and usually sung by the blind. Dongguan Muyu Songs are popular in urban and seashore areas, and also in the communities in the fields and hills.
Dongguan Muyu Songs are performed in the Dongguan dialect. There are two methods to perform, either by reading or singing. Reading is actually similar to singing, but with only a faster rhythm. Most Dongguan people like to ‘read’ Muyu Songs, especially the long versions.
The Muyu book of songs is a very valuable item due to its importance in literature, history, folk culture and music.

Editor: 王敏瑶