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Dongguan releases '30 measures on easing restraint on investment'
2020-06-16 10:38     Source : Dongguan Foreign Investment Promotion Center


加快项目落地 稳定经济增长的实施意见

Implementation Opinions of the People’s Government of Dongguan Municipality on Easing Restraint on Investment, Accelerating Projects Settlement and Stabilizing Economic Growth



To all town people’s governments (sub-district offices) and all institutions directly under the People’ Government of Dongguan Municipality,

The Implementation Opinions are tailored to meeting the following purposes: implementing the decisions of “ensuring stability on six fronts” and “maintaining security in six areas” by the Party Central Committee and the State Council; strengthening leading position in industries with competitive advantages; seizing opportunities to lay out strategic emerging industries and future industries; upgrading basic industries and industrial chains; accelerating building of provincial manufacturing industry supply-side structural reform innovation pilot zone; easing restraint on investment in an effort to expand investment and fully leverage the driving effects of investment; further unleashing creativity of the whole society and market vitality; stabilizing economic growth.



I. Objectives

An area of 50 square kilometers will be assigned as industrial land for soliciting businesses from around the world. Priority will be given to major innovation carriers, emerging industrial clusters and key links of industrial chains. The city strives to attract businesses and investment totally worth of over RMB 660 billion by 2022 and investment in fixed assets exceeding RMB 1 trillion.



i. Utilize hundred-billion worth of investment to build major platforms. With RMB 112 billion being the annual investment target, efforts will be made to accelerate settlement of major platform projects such as Songshan Lake, Binhaiwan, Shuixiang functional area and Yinping innovation zone. International central business district will be built at a high standard and focus will be given to such sectors as finance, headquarters economy and modern service industry. The property totally worth of RMB 41 billion open to sale for the first time is in the stage of attracting 10 intended projects to officially sign and settle. The first batch of strategic emerging industries will see construction commencement of their bases. High-standard coordination, planning, construction and business solicitation are conducted to build a demonstration area of strategic emerging industries.

Institutions in charge: Dongguan Development & Reform Bureau, Dongguan Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources, Dongguan Investment Promotion Bureau, Dongguan Science and Technology Bureau, Bureau of Commerce of Dongguan City, Songshan Lake High-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee, Binhaiwan New District Management Committee, Shuixang Management Committee, Xiegang town



ii. Settle hundred-billion worth of projects to upgrade industrial system. Dongguan is striving to be the first-mover to explore and improve system and mechanism for promoting development of advanced manufacturing industry and revitalizing real economy. Dongguan will speed up development of 238 major industrial projects and strive for an actual investment exceeding RMB 100 billion. With RMB 81 billion worth of industrial investment as the annual target, Dongguan will focus on facilitating technological transformation of 150 key industrial enterprises and advancing building of new type of infrastructure such as 5G base station, charging station, industrial Internet and headquarters data center. Events such as “Dongguan Global Businesses Solicitation Festival” and “World Tour of the Greater Bay Area” should be hosted and threshold to industry should be moderately lowered. Industrial business fund should be established and tailwind should be seized in industries such as robot, wearable device, biomedicine and digital economy. Through the model of “fund + land + low-cost space”, preferential investment should be made in early, team and startup projects and new type of industrial chains and industrial clusters should be nurtured.

Institutions in charge: Dongguan Development & Reform Bureau, Dongguan Investment Promotion Bureau, Bureau of Industry and Information Technology of Dongguan, Dongguan Science and Technology Bureau, Bureau of Commerce of Dongguan City, Dongguan Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources, Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Bureau of Dongguan



iii. Integrate land to improve city quality. Land with an area of 11,500 mu will be integrated and launched in 2020 for implementing upgrading existing industrial land of low-efficient use, business service and residential projects. Among them, industrial park transformation projects of towns and villages will be completely open to social capital with certain conditions attached to the combined implementation of upgrading existing industrial land to general industrial land and to land for residential and business service purposes. It is hoped that by the end of 2020, 7,500 mu of land for upgrading existing industrial land will be demolished and leveled, construction of 71 city upgrading projects will be commenced and construction of 133 city upgrading projects will be accelerated with an investment worth of RMB 38.2 billion in city upgrading being completed. It is also expected that an area of 4,000 mu of land of business service and residential projects will be assigned by the end of 2020 with RMB 90 billion worth of investment being made. Improvement should be made in management and service to stabilize property development.

Institutions in charge: Dongguan Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources, Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Bureau of Dongguan

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