Celebrate CNY in these beautiful and relaxing places in Dongguan②
2021-02-03 15:17     Source : Dongguan Today

Do you have any plans for the upcoming holiday? In addition to its gorgeous natural environment, Dongguan also has good places for exploring the ancient culture and experiencing village life. 


Yanling Ancient Quarry Site in Red Stone Mount 红石山燕岭古采石场遗址

Yanling's ancient quarry site is the only red-sandstone quarry site in Dongguan. It is a cultural relic protected site in Guangdong Province. In the park, the stone walls and pillars from hundreds of years ago form a magnificent geographical landscape. Here you can appreciate the beauty of the original appearance of the ancient quarry and the fusion of Lingnan elements. Scenic spots such as "Eighteen Rooms", "The Sky Stone", and "Moya Rock Carvings" are all worth seeing.

The quarry has been excavated since the late Song Dynasty. The red stone used in wall foundations, column bases, stone columns, door frames, stone carvings, ancient wells, and roadways of Ming and Qing ancient buildings in 30 towns and streets in the city are all produced here. 

Address: Shipai Avenue (Shibei section), Shipai Town, Dongguan

Editor: Zheng Sihui