2022 Winter Olympics' helmet made in Dongguan
2022-01-19 10:52     Source : Dongguan Today


The snowmobile helmet personalized for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

Recently, a snowmobile helmet personalized for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics has passed the ECE certification of the International Ski Federation (FIS) and will go into production in Dongguan. The helmet was developed and manufactured by the Sports and Health Interdisciplinary Laboratory of the 3D Printing and Intelligent Manufacturing Research Center of the Dongguan University of Technology. The products developed by Dongguan's research team will be seen in the 2022 Winter Olympics and show the world the charm of Dongguan's "scientific and technological innovation + advanced manufacturing".

In addition, the helmet passed the inspection by Chinese President Xi Jinping, and the team also received a letter of thanks from the Department of Social Development and Education of the Ministry of Science and Technology. Li Nan, head of the sports engineering and rehabilitation research team, said that it is excellent encouragement for grassroots researchers. "First of all, we do the research and development work with the support of the state, schools, and various departments. Besides this, it also cannot happen without the support from Dongguan enterprises. I am proud of Dongguan, proud of Dongguan's manufacturing industry."

According to reports, this snowmobile helmet is customized according to the actual needs of each athlete from data collected in advance. The whole process will apply 3D scanning, design and 3D printing technology.

Furthermore, the helmet uses China Aerospace T800 carbon fibre and pure carbon fibre materials with high strength and excellent crash resistance. It is 500 grams lighter than its predecessor. The core technology of the helmet has beat the comprehensive standards of the United States and Europe, which is expected to reduce the long-term dependence on foreign imports.

Editor: Zheng Sihui