Red-crowned crane visited a company in Dongguan
2022-05-06 17:57     Source : Dongguan Today


On May 4, a red-crowned crane flew into a company in the Xiagang Community, Chang'an Town. This red-crowned crane instantly became a "big star" in the company. On the morning of May 5, the red-crowned crane was transferred to Dongguan Wildlife Rescue Centre.

The red-crowned crane is about 1.4 meters tall and has a slender body. It sometimes organized its feathers and sometimes ambled around. Surrounded by dozens of onlookers and photographers, it seemed calm, as if accepting compliments gracefully.

The rare "big star" attracted many employees to watch and take pictures with it. Everyone said that it was an exciting novelty to be able to watch the red-crowned crane so closely.

"Citizens should notify the local police station or public security department as soon as possible when they encounter wild animals. They can also contact Chang'an Town Agriculture, Forestry and Water Affairs Bureau and Chang'an Town Agricultural Technology Service Center. Please do not catch or touch wild animals ." Yu Gan, captain of the forest protection team at Chang'an Town Agricultural Technology Service Center, said.

"The arrival of red-crowned cranes indicates that Chang'an has an excellent ecological environment." Wang Ji has worked and lived in Chang'an for nearly 20 years, and she has witnessed the changes in the environment, "The ecological environment of Chang'an has become better and better in recent years, from sewage treatment, exhaust emission reduction, and greening."

Editor: Zheng Sihui