Discover the charm of 'treasures of museums' in Dongguan
2022-05-23 09:50     Source : Dongguan Today


There is a saying: "If you want to know a city, you must first explore the museums in the city." Museums are to a city as books are to knowledge. A museum is a microcosm of a city's development and culture. As early as 2004, Dongguan took the lead in proposing to build a "Museum City" in the country. Dongguan has established a comprehensive museum system in which state-owned museums and private museums complement each other, forming a museum network at the city, town and village levels. There are 53 museums in the city, including 17 state-owned museums and 36 non-state-owned museums, which have distinctive themes, diverse forms and rich connotations, recording and reappearing the development process of Dongguan.

What are the treasures of each museum in Dongguan, and what are their key features? Let's explore the stories and history behind the treasures.

Editor: Zheng Sihui