More details of phase III of Metro Line 2
2022-05-25 11:33     Source : Dongguan Today


The seats in Phase III trains will arrange in rows and columns.

The bidding announcement for the survey and design consulting project of Dongguan City Metro Line 2-Phase III Project [Humen Railway Station (excluding) - Jiaoyiwan Station] was recently posted. The bidding documents and engineering feasibility study report revealed more project details.

Considering that this line has the characteristics of an urban rail express line, to improve ride comfort, the seats in Phase III trains will arrange in rows and columns, which will have a higher seating ratio. And the standing standard is designed for 5 people per meter. The seats in the currently operating trains of Metro 2 are all set up in columns.

The engineering feasibility study report clears that the Phase III of Line 2 will join up with Phase I and Phase II after the completion. The line is designed to have a total length of about 55.0 kilometers, and set up 24 stations with an average distance of 2.29 kilometers, including 19 ordinary stations and 5 central stations. Metro Line 2 has no short-distance trains, and it is expected to take around 63.9 minutes to finish the route from Dongguan Railway Station to Jiaoyiwan Station.

According to the report, Metro Line 2 will operate from 6:00 to 24:00 running 18 hours a day. During peak periods, the minimum running intervals are 4.2 minutes, 2.5 minutes, and 2.1 minutes, while the maximum driving intervals during off-peak periods are 4.2-8.5 minutes.

Currently, Metro Line 2 is charged by distances. The starting price is 2 yuan for the first 4 kilometers. After 4 kilometers, for distances exceeding 4 kilometers but less than 12 kilometers, the fare will increase by 1 yuan for every 4 kilometers. For that over 12 to 24 kilometers, it will cost extra 1 yuan for every 6 kilometers. For that beyond 24 kilometers, the fare will increase by 1 yuan for every 8 kilometers. The fare for Metro Line 2 is expected to be 10 yuan to cross the whole route.

Editor: Zheng Sihui