Dongguan lychee to be on the market
2022-05-26 09:39     Source : Dongguan Today


It's the season of lychee. As a favorite of Dongguan people, lychee attracts everyone's attention every summer. When is it going to be on the market this year? And how about the price of it?

According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Dongguan, this year, the planting area of lychee trees reached the same amount as the previous years, which is nearly 135,000 mu.

Zhao Jiqing, chairman of the Dongguan Lychee Association, introduced that this year is a pretty good year for lychee, and the price will not rise by a significant margin. It is expected to increase slightly compared with last year. "Nuomici(糯米糍) and Guiwei(桂味), the main lychee varieties in the market, are expected to be priced between 30-40 yuan per kilogram, while the price of Dongguan lychee varieties such as Xianjinfeng(仙进奉), Tangxiahong(塘厦红) and Guanyinlv(观音绿) will be higher."

It has been learned from the Yuanchang Fruit Farm in Shima Community, Tangxia Town that Feizixiao(妃子笑), Guiwei, Nuomici and other varieties are growing well. The first mature Feizixiao is expected to go on sale around June 5, about 20 yuan per kilogram. As for Guiwei and Nuomici, they will not be available until around June 25. It is estimated that the price of Guiwei is about 30 yuan per kilogram, and Nuomici is around 50 yuan per kilogram. Tangxiahong, a unique variety in Tangxia town, will price 100 yuan per kilogram. The most popular lychee varieties Gualv(挂绿) and Bingli(冰荔), are expected to cost 776 yuan per kilogram.

Editor: Zheng Sihui