Several towns in Dongguan to be hit by rainstorm
2022-05-27 20:03     Source : Dongguan Today


The Guangdong Meteorological Observatory forecast that on May 27, the province might experience strong thundershowers, and the rainfall in some cities and counties will be heavy. The rain will ease off from May 28 to May 29, but there still will be scattered thundershowers in the province.

At present, some towns and districts in the south of Dongguan have experienced medium thundershowers. It is expected that Dalingshan, Liaobu, Dongkeng, Hengli, Qishi, Shipai, Chashan, Shilong, Dongcheng and Shijie will see heavy thunderstorms in the next 3 hours, with the highest rainfall  of 40 millimeters. The thunderstorm will be accompanied by gusts of about 7 force. The Dongguan Meteorological Observatory extended the yellow warning for rainstorm to the above areas at 09:20 on May 27, please pay attention to safety.

On May 27, affected by the southwest monsoon, medium thundershowers with localized heavy rain or rainstorm are expected.

May 28, possible showers or thundershowers

May 29-30, overcast, with possible scattered showers or thundershowers

May 31-June 1, possible showers or thundershowers with localized heavy rain

June 2-3, overcast and cloudy, scattered showers

June 4-5, possible showers or thundershowers with localized heavy rain

Please remember to bring an umbrella when you go out, and pay attention to your safety during thunderstorms.

Editor: Zheng Sihui