Hongmei Art Museum opens
2022-06-28 09:07     Source : Dongguan Today


On June 22,Hongmei Art Museum was opened. The opening exhibition, "No need to complain, you can hug me" - Xiaolin's comic show opened simultaneously. 

Unique new landmark

Hongmei Art Museum covers an area of 1540 square meters, with simple and smooth architecture, while the white walls and grey tiles reveal the strong ancient charm of the South of the five ridges. It is like wandering in the ocean of art when you enter the art museum and walk on the turquoise steps. You can not only feel relaxed and free, but also perceive the romance of art.

To create a good viewing experience for audiences, Hongmei Art Museum forms several arc-shaped spaces, and the animation exhibits are displayed in the form of multimedia interaction. Moreover, the multi-functional halls, projection halls and public education spaces have also been set up. The staff will organize a series of activities to help the audiences to perceive artworks.

In recent years, as public cultural facilities have been improved one after another in Hongmei Town, the department concerned has been strengthening historical and cultural protection, promoting excellent cultural heritage, enhancing public service capacity, vigorously developing cultural tourism industry, and accelerating the formation of competitive advantages of industries with local characteristics. Hongmei Art Museum will become a bridge for the public to perceive the beauty of art and an important platform to show the local customs of Hongmei.

Editor: Zheng Sihui