City plans to build a 10km slow traffic system on Hongfu Road
2022-09-13 12:04     Source : Dongguan Today


Hongfu road is one of the "two axes" of the central urban area of Dongguan. It connects many important city nodes and covers many important rail stations, such as the central square station of Rail Transit Line 1 and Hongfu Road station. It is the backbone of the city in the east-west direction of the central urban area, as well as the key to improving the quality of the main metropolitan area.

The city is to improve the traffic system in 5 aspects, which are: firstly, rectify the problem of cars occupying slow traffic space and build safer streets; secondly, build a 10-kilometre barrier-free slow traffic system on Hongfu road; thirdly, create several micro transportation centres and optimise the connection between public transport and slow traffic; fourthly, improve the efficiency of vehicles, guide parking and optimise vehicle congestion with intelligent transportation facilities and the last, upgrade the space in front of the existing buildings along Hongfu road to create high-quality public space and enhance the commercial vitality of Hongfu road.

The project will be designed as "four sections, five corridors and seven cores", highlighting the central axis of the city, enhancing the cultural and sports characteristics, integrating into the urban landscape structure, and creating a central street of the city that is dynamic and linked, gathers energy and leads the future.

Overall landscape design:

Landscape structure - "four sections, five corridors and seven cores" highlights the central axis of the city, and enhances the cultural and sports characteristics. The design integrates into the urban landscape structure and creates a central street for the city that is dynamic and linked, gathering energy and forward-looking.

Editor: Ye Xuan