COVID-19 screening detected 'abnormal case' in Shatian
2022-09-15 09:46     Source : Dongguan Today

On September 14, Shatian Town found a person with abnormal COVID result in the initial screening of routine novel coronavirus nucleic acid. According to the epidemiological investigation, the individual has mainly been to the area near his office. Citizens who have been to the following places at the following times, please take the initiative to report immediately to the community, employers or hotel where you live. Please take proper personal protection measures, go for a nucleic acid test at the nearest point, and cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control measures. 

The key locations and periods are as follows:


From September 11 to 14, Shatian Haiteng Pier.


From 17:30-18:00 on September 11: the sampling site at Fulusha Court in Shatian Town.

9月11日17:30-18:00 沙田镇福禄沙球场采样点。

From 18:00-18:10 on September 11: a convenience store next to Fulusha Court.


From 7:40-8:20 on September 13: Building 2, Fulusha New Area, Shatian Town.


From 16:30-17:20 on September 13: Building 2, Fulusha New Area, Shatian Town.


From 17:20-18:00 on September 13: Fulusha Market, Shatian Town.


Editor: Ye Xuan