Dongguan city launched a series of livelihood services to improve people's sense of happiness
2022-09-27 09:23     Source : Dongguan Today


Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), Dongguan has adhered to the idea of People-centered development, starting with issues that the people are most concerned about. Consequently, the government has made a good overall plan to ensure and improve people's livelihood and launched a series of livelihood services such as the "Livelihood of Dongguan" brand project.

The "Livelihood of Dongguan" project includes two parts: "People's Wish" and "Events in people's lives". It integrates more than 10 originally decentralized and independent collection channels for people's livelihood and connects 17 departments with a total of 42 people's livelihood security policies. Also the government is building a city and town level "Livelihood of Dongguan" benevolent resource pool consisting of 1522 caring enterprises, social organizations and enthusiastic citizens. Citizens can achieve the "People's Wish" by calling the 12345 government service hotline, completing the "Events in people's lives".

Since the implementation of the project two years ago, more than 2600 "Events in people's lives" have been completed, and more than 580 villages (communities) in the city have changed their appearance. Charities at the municipal and town levels have invested 107 million yuan in total, solving the "People's Wish" of more than 67000 people in need. Mo Zhencai, who lives in Wanjiang Street, has burns on 80% of his body. His medical expenses are high and his family was overburdened. Therefore, he turned to Wanjiang Public Service Office for help. Wanjiang Public Service Office launched a special event handling procedure of "People's Wish" to complete the approval procedures of "People's Wish" at the fastest possible speed.

Editor: Ye Xuan