Dongguan-made aircraft debuted at Airshow China
2022-11-11 09:28     Source : Dongguan Today


A four-seater canard propeller plane made in Dongguan arrived at the 14th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition on November 8, making its debut in China and becoming one of the most eye-catching products of the show.

"This is the first show of the canard propeller aircraft in China, with speed 50 percent higher than that of similar products," said its manufacturer, Transcendent Aerospace Dong Guan Ltd, "This kind of plane is scheduled to be in production in Dongguan soon. Its production will not only fill the domestic void in the industry but also bring more possibilities and imagination to the aviation industry."

A month ago, General Aviation Manufacturing and Supply Chain Project was officially launched in Xiegang Town, which has become an important pillar for developing the aviation industry in Dongguan. It is also an important reflection of the unswerving development of the advanced manufacturing industry in Dongguan.

Editor: Lun Wenxin