Dongguan ranks 7th nationwide for city brand influence
2023-07-04 09:54     Source : DongguanToday


Recently, the 2023 Comprehensive Brand Influence Index for Chinese prefecture-level cities was announced, and Dongguan secured an impressive 7th place in the national rankings. 

The evaluation analyzed 293 prefecture-level cities across the country and calculated the comprehensive brand influence index for each city, using relevant data from national ministries and commissions in the past two years based on international and national standards. It unveiled the top 100 cities in the list.
In this evaluation, the emphasis shifted from city size and GDP weight to factors like green development and shared prosperity. It highlighted the reputation and distinctiveness of cities, aiming to promote adaptive development strategies and the creation of highly identifiable Chinese brand cities of exceptional quality.

According to Chang Liang(常亮), the deputy editor-in-chief of China City News and one of the drafters of the national standard "City Brand Evaluation," the cities that made the list are characterized by good governance, outstanding achievements. They are the models of high-quality development with nine key qualities including prominent characteristics, clear and positive identity, livability, business-friendliness, educational opportunities, commercial attractiveness, tourist attraction, international vision, and a favorable reputation.

As a crucial manufacturing hub in China and even globally, Dongguan boasts well-established industrial support, a booming private economy, and a favorable business environment, nurturing numerous renowned brand enterprises.

In the future, Dongguan's brand will be known better across the nation and the world, representing its excellence and achievements.

Editor: Zheng Sihui