Huawei Developer Conference 2024 is coming to Dongguan soon
2024-04-30 10:52     Source : DongguanToday


Huawei Developer Conference

Huawei Developer Conference (HDC) 2024 will be held in Songshan Lake, Dongguan, from July 21st to 23rd. This event is set to become the largest developer conference in Huawei's history, with the highest number of developer participants.

With HDC 2024 approaching, the entire industry is eagerly anticipating the unveiling of Huawei's latest products. According to reports, the Panggu Model 5.0 and HarmonyOS NEXT will be jointly released for the first time, opening up new possibilities in the field of AI.

Since its launch, HarmonyOS has rapidly expanded its reach to encompass 800 million ecological devices, spanning various terminal devices such as smartphones, PCs, tablets, smart screens, and cars. Thousands of companies and institutions have initiated native application development for HarmonyOS, including Alipay, Taobao, Meituan,, and DingTalk, underscoring the extensive influence and application potential of HarmonyOS.

By 2025, Huawei aims to transition over 5000 applications currently used on smartphones in the Chinese market to the HarmonyOS operating system, achieving true integration between the operating system and application ecosystem.

Huawei Cloud has already introduced large-scale models tailored for industries including mining, pharmaceuticals, electricity, meteorology, oceanography, railways, government affairs, finance, manufacturing, and more, providing advanced algorithms and solutions to various sectors.

HDC 2024

During HDC 2024, the new Panggu Model 5.0 and HarmonyOS NEXT will take center stage, showcasing Huawei's innovative vision for the future of AI and offering new possibilities for the AI industry, from infrastructure to applications.

Editor: Liu Ke