May Day tourism in Dongguan continues to heat up
2024-05-06 08:57     Source : DongguanToday


Dongguan, a city known for its vibrant cultural and tourism offerings, has recently rolled out a series of cultural and tourism activities for the May Day holiday, including 360 events and 9 premier tourist routes, to enrich the holiday experiences of citizens and tourists alike. This dynamic array of activities not only catered to diverse preferences but also accelerated the release of market potential.

Data from the online travel platform Baidu Map indicates that Dongguan ranked tenth in the national list of popular destinations on the first day of the May Day holiday. Additionally, data from the "2024 May Day Data Report" released by WeChat on May 5th placed Dongguan as the sixth city in China for consumption popularity.

Exciting Sports Events

This May Day holiday, the basketball fever in Dongguan, known as the national basketball city, has reached its peak, with professional basketball, street basketball, and grassroots basketball events attracting the attention of numerous residents and tourists. Coinciding with the ongoing first half of the 2023/2024 CBA League playoffs, the Guangdong Southern Tigers faced off against Liaoning Flying Leopards in a riveting match. The performance of the Guangdong team earned widespread acclaim.

During the team's away games, various venues such as Minying Guomao Shopping Center, Dongcheng Wanda, Songshan Lake Wanda Plaza, Dongguan Basketball Center, and more organized "second-screen" fan-watching activities, attracting many fans to cheer for the team remotely.

Simultaneously, various exciting basketball events, such as the rematch between the national "Village BA" champions - Zhongshan Shaxi Xiangjiao Team and Dongguan Dalang Shixia Team, showcased the unique charm of the basketball city.

In addition to basketball, Dongguan's sports enthusiasm during the May Day holiday extended to various activities. The "May Day Sports Carnival" integrated kayaking, rowing, boxing, fencing, gymnastics, and more, showcasing the city's profound sports heritage and the commendable achievements of its sports powerhouse construction. 

The T.O.P Extreme Sports Park hosted a two-day skateboard party, attracting over 100 enthusiasts and 50 families from Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and other places. The event also featured the country's first-ever leap through a hoop on a skateboard, offering citizens a thrilling skateboarding feast.

As the Dongjiang River surged, the drums of dragon boat races resounded. During the May Day holiday, dragon boat races, including the men's dragon boat competition in Meisha Village, Hongmei Town, and the dragon boat club league of Zhangpeng in Machong Town, kicked off with enthusiasm, with dragon boat paddlers vigorously rowing and braving the waves.

Cultural Tourism Activities

2024 Chashan Festival

On May 1, the 2024 Chashan Festival opened, attracting visitors from all directions, including foreign friends, to explore the festival, enjoy intangible cultural heritage, and savor delicious food. 

The festival attracted a flow of over one million visitors on the opening day, with tourism consumption exceeding 10 million yuan, driving the town's consumption to about 20 million yuan. The main venue, Nanshe Ancient Village, experienced a peak flow of nearly 50,000 visitors on the first day of the holiday, generating tourism revenue of about 1 million yuan. From May 1 to 3, 2024 Chashan Food Culture Festival held, attracted 300,000 "foodies" and achieved a turnover of over 4 million yuan.


Starting from May 1, the "Immortality - Mawangdui Han Dynasty Tombs Relics Exhibition" landed in Dongguan Museum, showcasing relics from the Mawangdui Han Dynasty Tombs. 

From daily life to artistic creations, from astronomy and calendar systems to health preservation, from feasting to the pursuit of eternity, a vivid picture of Han civilization unfolds, allowing citizens to experience the magic of the Han Dynasty civilization together. The exhibition will run until August 25.

Coffee Culture Festival

From April 30 to May 5, the 2nd Dongguan Coffee Culture Festival was held in Dongguan's Nancheng, attracting nearly a hundred coffee brands to bring citizens a "coffee feast."

The event also hosted the China Coffee Brewing Championship City Competition, the Coffee Industry Summit Forum, on-site coffee cupping, and other professional activities, as well as interactive experiences such as "Matchbox" music LIVE, outdoor movies, and Hakiimi parties.

C PARK Activities

From May 1 to 5, the new trendy hotspot in Dongguan's city center - C Park (Phase III of the Civic Service Center project) - held its debut event.

A variety of trendy activities, including the national limited edition Kobe peripheral exhibition, sneaker vending machines, popular baking and coffee brands, trendy sports experiences, Omakase bread experiences, impromptu FUN scenes from Happy Twist, and Space Band live shows, were presented.

Dongguan Sign

From May 1 to 3, the first offline trendy cultural market in Dongguan, Dongguan Sign, opened in the sample section. Guangzhou, Dongguan, and Macau's trendy brands, cycling, land surfing, music performances, and other trendy activities, more than 20 trendy brands gathered in Guancheng, exploring a new vision of "community + business" lifestyle.

Editor: Liu Ke