Dongguan Enterprises embark on Canton Fair
2024-05-08 09:25     Source : DongguanToday


The 135th Canton Fair, held in Guangzhou from April 15 to May 5 this year, serves as a barometer and compass for China's foreign trade. With 378 companies from Dongguan participating, this year's Canton Fair marked the largest scale of Dongguan's participation in the fair's history. It sheds light on the new changes and trends in Dongguan's foreign trade.

As of May 4, the fair attracted 246,000 buyers from 215 countries and regions onsite, setting a new record. The total export turnover from offline reached $24.7 billion USD, with Dongguan enterprises achieving $790 million USD in transactions by the end of Phase II.

Interview of Dongguan Companies

Chen Xingjie, Chairman of Dongguan MUMU Woodwork Co., Ltd., attended the Canton Fair for the first time and noted the positive atmosphere and clear signals of market recovery. "Many customers showed interest in their products and returned for further discussions or factory visits, indicating strong potential for business growth."

Dongguan IUIU Household Products Co., Ltd., a veteran of over 30 Canton Fair appearances, continues to excel. Attracting numerous new and returning clients, the company emphasizes innovative product development to seize market opportunities. According to Li Yunhuan, Sales Director of the company: "Our biggest advantage at this Canton Fair is innovative development, allowing customers to obtain unique new products and seize the market immediately."

Made in Dongguan

As thousands gather and crowds surge, the Canton Fair buzzes with energy. Yet, amidst the abundance of exhibitors and foreign attendees lies fierce competition. How does one rise above the fray? According to numerous Dongguan companies interviewed, the answer lies in product quality. Rather than engaging in price wars, they emphasize the importance of offering superior products. This focus on product excellence, rather than undercutting prices, serves as the winning strategy for "Made in Dongguan" to clinch successful deals.

Enhance Products

Chen Xingjie emphasized that expanding internationally requires more than just competitive pricing; it necessitates product innovation to address customer needs effectively.

New Products

Dongguan Shengfan Riyin Craft Jewelry Co., Ltd. showcased 100% new products at the fair, with over 300 new items exhibited and thousands more available in the factory showroom for client visits.

The Canton Fair End

Despite adverse weather conditions, including continuous heavy rain, global exhibitors and buyers maintained their enthusiasm, resulting in Dongguan companies achieving outstanding transaction results at the Canton Fair.

Editor: Liu Ke