Here comes Yuekangyuan for you to report antigen test results
2022-04-18 09:58     Source :

To improve the screening efficiency in the areas under COVID-19 control and reduce the risk of transmission, antigen testing has recently been adopted in some districts of Guangzhou.

As for the antigen self test results, residents now can report them via Yuekangyuan (粤抗原), a WeChat Mini Program for COVID-19 antigen testing, which has been officially launched on April 13.

Connected with other Mini Programs including Yuejiantong (粤健通), Yuehesuan (粤核酸), Digital Health Code (电子健康码), information of antigen sampling and testing, results, plus data related to nucleic acid tests can be all managed under close loop.

Users now can submit to the platform personal information required for antigen testing and the results, including self-testing and testing conducted by medical institutions.

The hands-on guide to using Yuekangyuan

1. How to submit results of an antigen self-test?

There are three ways to access Yuekangyuan:

1) Scan the QR code of Yuekangyuan;

2) Search Yuekangyuan in WeChat Mini Programs;

3) Access Yuekangyuan via Yuejiantong.

Tap "Residents self-testing result report (居民自测上报)".

Tap "Submit self-antigen testing result (上报抗原自测结果)".

Editor: Zheng Sihui