Hospitals provide vaccination advice for cancer patients
2022-05-18 10:36     Source :

Whether patients with malignant tumors should receive COVID-19 vaccinations depends on their tumor types, and therapy plans and stages, according to a paper jointly released by researchers from the Third People's Hospital of Shenzhen and the Cancer Hospital Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Shenzhen Center.

The paper, titled "Expert advice on novel coronavirus vaccination in patients with malignant tumors," was recently published on the Electronic Journal of Emerging Infectious Diseases, and aimed to provide vaccination suggestions for patients with different malignant tumors and in different treatment stages.

According to the paper, patients with solid tumors such as liver, gastric, lung, breast and prostate cancers are recommended to receive COVID vaccines.

Patients with hematological tumors are advised to get vaccinated if they are expected to have severe or long-term immunosuppression caused by cytotoxic drugs, receiving targeted therapy or immunotherapy, and receiving allogeneic or autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation and adoptive cell therapy.

COVID vaccination is also recommended for patients with early-stage cancer who have been treated by radical surgical resection and are in good condition, and patients who have completed radiotherapy and chemotherapy, targeted therapy, endocrine therapy and immunotherapy for at least a month.

Patients undergoing endocrine therapy without obvious adverse reactions, and patients who have not undergone radiotherapy and chemotherapy for over three years after cancer surgery are advised to receive inactivated and recombinant subunit vaccines.

Patients with good tumor control, normal immunity, and in the follow-up visit stage can also get COVID vaccines if other vaccination contraindications are ruled out, according to the paper.

However, patients with malignant tumors who are receiving chemotherapy, radiotherapy or immunotherapy, as well as those who are before and after a cancer surgery, should postpone vaccination.

Cancer patients should be cautious about getting adenovirus vector vaccines and should seek medical advice before receiving one. Patients with advanced cancer, poor health and multisystem diseases should also consult with their doctors.

Editor: Zheng Sihui