Zhuhai requires negative 24h Covid test results for inbound travelers from Macao
2022-08-04 10:47     Source : newsgd.com

From 18:00 on August 3, inbound travelers from Macao to Zhuhai must hold a negative 24-hour nucleic acid test result, according to the latest announcement from Zhuhai.

Inbound travelers from Macao must declare their health conditions on the "Health Zhuhai" WeChat mini-program in advance. After entering Zhuhai, they should report to the local community, unit, or hotel, and take 2 nucleic acid tests in 3 days (the result an inbound traveler holds for entering Zhuhai is recognized as the first test; the second test should be taken within 48 hours after entering Zhuhai).

In the first three days after entering Zhuhai, visitors from Macao can only commute between their residences and workplaces and should avoid gatherings, parties, and public transportation such as buses.

The COVID policies for leaving for Macao remain unchanged.

The policies will be adjusted according to the epidemic situation. All units and individuals must abide by the above COVID prevention policies, and anyone who violates the regulations causing the spread of the virus will be held legally responsible according to relevant laws.

Editor: Zheng Sihui