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Brazilian senior director rides to view Dongguan
2021-05-20 10:51     Source : Dongguan Today


The cycling enthusiast, Eduardo

With the continuous improvement of Dongguan's urban quality, more and more expats came and eventually settled in Dongguan. In their eyes, the blue sky, lush mountains and temperate waters of Dongguan are all important reasons why they choose to stay in Dongguan. Eduardo Alves Torres, an expat from Brazil, possesses an indissoluble bond with Dongguan.

Eduardo is a cycling enthusiast. On weekends, he usually goes cycling and enjoys the fresh air and blue sky with friends in Dongguan. "I love to bike in the Tongsha Ecological Park, Songshan Lake and Dalingshan Forest Park, especially the Tongsha Ecological Park. It has beautiful scenery and, most importantly, it is only 5 kilometres from my home, which is very convenient. Even in the weekday's morning, I can ride there and enjoy the peaceful sunrise, from which I will find myself full of energy." Eduardo told reporters.

This year is his 22nd year in Dongguan. He is currently serving as a director of footwear of a multinational company. Working in the footwear industry for years, he thinks that Dongguan enjoys unique geographical advantages and convenient communication, which are very attractive to international companies and helpful to the development of its foreign trade. After his job became stable, Eduardo married a Chinese girl and started a family in Dongguan. Now, their daughter is 14 years old, and a family of three lives happily in Dongguan.

Editor: Zheng Sihui