The 6th International Animation Copyright Fair will be held from 21 - 25 August 2014 in Dongguan.
The 2014 China Processing Trade Products Fair, held in Dongguan, saw contract value up 16.5 percent from last session to 89.6 billion RMB.
Moon cakes are the most popular and important food eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Various types of moon cakes are placed in the most prominent places in stores and markets as the festival ap...
Held by the Culture Centre of Radio and Television in Daojiao town, a 15-day Cantonese Opera training course for 32 children ended with a wonderful performance on 6th August.
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"The Magical School for Wizards" is inspired by the Hogwarts School, from the best-selling "Harry Potter" book series. U.S. magician Arnie Kolodner will be master of the magical school.
This summer, ChillGun Music begins their “ChillGun Tour 2014” across several of China’s cities. ChillGun’s numerous artists including Jiang Zhe, Xu Zhenzhen, Smooke, AFinger, DJ Juice and Xylen...