Cantonese opera & post 90's generation
One Dongguan local grew up with a strong affection for Cantonese opera despite strong opposition by her family. Following graduation from opera school, she g...
Chinese New Year Greetings
Send Free Chinese New Year Cards to Your Friends
Dongguan dragon-boat teams have received the gold cup in the international dragon-boat competitions held in Hong Kong, Macau, Canada, Singapore and Dongguan ...
Lion (Dragon, Kylin, Phoenix) Dancing
There is lots of dancing in the shape of animals in Dongguan, such as dragon dancing, phoenix dancing, lion dancing, kylin dancing and Pixiu dancing. Chang’...
Cantonese Songs and Cantonese Operas
The amateur Cantonese opera group of Chang’an Town went to Beijing to perform the large-scale Cantonese opera “Origin Seeking” in the Great Hall of the Pe...
Inside Dongguan: How To Make Special Dongguan Folk Cuisine
The Lunar New Year is coming, and is a nostalgic period full of traditional customs, such as New Year paintings and couplets, wearing new clothes, prayer mea...