Dragon boat rice, a taste of Dongguan memory
As the Dragon Boat Festival approaches, local families are all making water town-featured food—dragon boat rice.
Where to pick lychee in Dongguan
Recently, the city's lychee association announced 35 pollution-free or Green-Food certificate lychee picking sites across Dongguan.
Inside Dongguan: How To Make Special Dongguan Folk Cuisine
The Lunar New Year is coming, and is a nostalgic period full of traditional customs, such as New Year paintings and couplets, wearing new clothes, prayer mea...
Top 10 Dongguan Dishes of 2017 unveiled
On 24th December of 2017, the final of the "Taste Dongguan" Star Chef Competition was held in Machong Town of Dongguan. Themed with Banquets for Joyous Occas...
Five foods to help beat the summer heat
Bitter gourd   Many people cannot stand the taste of bitter gourd, however, it is indeed a very good natural medicine. Fresh bitter gourd can relieve the s...
Dongguan People's Favourite Spring Festival Snacks
As the Spring Festival approaches, Dongguan families are all buying special festival goods, including traditional snack foods. Here's a list of local Donggua...