Appreciate Guanxiang flowers in bloom
Guanxiang is unique to Dongguan.
Celebrate CNY in these beautiful and relaxing places in Dongguan ①
What is there to do in Dongguan on vacation? Here are some recommended places which are less busy but beautiful!
Taste the first strawberry this winter in Dongguan
Winter has come, it is the season for strawberries. At present, the juicy strawberries are ripe and ready for sale.
Enjoy Dongguan's blossoming lotus
Qiaotou is well-known for its lotus flowers. However, apart from Qiaotou, Dongguan has many good places where you can appreciate the beautiful flowers.
Places to relax in Dongguan this upcoming May Day holiday
Due to the epidemic, it is wise not to travel far from home. Why not take family and friends to visit local forest and wetland parks in Dongguan to relax.
Get closer to Dongguan this lovely April
With nice weather and gentle spring breezes, April is a good time for family and friends to visit Dongguan. Have no idea where to go? Here are several recomm...