What you should know about hot springs
As it gets colder, hot spring resorts enter into their high season. With so many of them on the market, how can you tell the good ones from the bad? Do not w...
Are there only 15 authentic hot springs in Guangdong?
★ First, staff collect two water samples from hot spring enterprises, one is from the spring source well or artificially exploited geothermal wells, and the...
Dongguan's Cherry Blossom Hotspots
Around March each year, many Dongguanese look to glimpse the true cherry blossoms by visiting Japan or Wuhan. Today, the beauty of cherry blossoms in full bl...
Dongguan's 5 Must-See Romantic Ferris Wheels
5 Must-See Romantic Ferris Wheels in Dongguan
Huayang Lake Wetland Park
The park features a 22-km-long greenway and a 10-km-long riding route around the lake. The on-the-water greenway is decorated with rich water plants, peach f...
Recommendation 1 – South China Mall            Reason – Hundred yuan of lucky money and free Omnimax tickets for you   Date: March 5th (Lantern...