Dongguan drives innovative development of Taiwan-invested enterprises
In the past several years, Dongguan has been actively guiding and pushing forward transformation and upgrading of Taiwan enterprises.
Dragon Boat Race held in Wanjiang
On 3rd June, the Wanjiang Dragon Boat Race was held. 26 teams from communities in Wanjiang District gathered to stage a fierce competition.
Reference News: Dongguan is an innovation-driven model city
Foreign media states that Dongguan must be mentioned when it comes to further development based on innovation.
Guangdong commemorates 180th anniversary of anti-opium event
Guangdong Province began a series of activities to commemorate the 180th anniversary of the Destruction of Opium at Humen, a historical anti-drug event.
Dongguan's exports maintain two-digit growth in April
Dongguan's imports and exports total 405.44 billion RMB from January to April, an 8.9% increase compared to that of the same period in last year
Dongguan will include expansion and optimization of urban development space as a strategic support for the city to participate in the development of the GBA.