Guancheng Art Museum exhibits Louvre Museum Prints
This batch of 170 Louvre prints includes many engraved copperplate print works by world art masters such as Leonardo da Vinci,...
77 events scheduled for International Museum Day
18th May is International Museum Day. This year, Dongguan's museums have launched 77 exhibitions and events in 7 categories for the public to enjoy.
Exhibition of Oil Paintings by Russian Artist Savenko
Exhibition Date: 9th May 2020 - 7th June 2020Venue: Exhibition Hall, 1/F, Guancheng Art Museum (莞城美术馆一楼展厅)Admission: Free, but visitors need to rese...
Dozens of online exhibitions of culture and art for stay-at-home joy
Guangdong's museums have rolled out a series of online exhibitions for you to enjoy while staying indoors during the Coronavirus outbreak.
Exhibition of Dunhuang Mural Painting Works in Dongguan
A total of 80 Xie Xiaobing's brand-new original Dunhuang mural painting are being exhibited.
Exhibition of Gold and Silver Wares from Song, Yuan and Ming Dynasties
The exhibition features 100 luxurious gold and silver articles with distinctive local characteristics.