Piano solo by Christina Bjorkoe
Christina Bjorkoe was born in 1970 and began at the age of 5 to learn piano from her mother. From 1978 to 1990, she studied with Therese Koppel, then studied...
Chinese version of “The Sound of Music”
The classic "The Sound of Music" has been performed on stage around the world for 60 years. This is the first Chinese stage version and since the debut has f...
Petrucci String Quartet concert
The Petrucci String Quartet is dedicated to the highest level of music research and performance.
The Mezzotono Show is entirely executed by five voices a-cappella, which means without the use of any musical instruments. The voices reproduce the different...
Dongguan Exhibition Hall displays Master of Ceramics Huang Songjian
On 27th July, the “Chinese Crafts Master Huang Songjian and his apprentice ceramic Art Exhibition” was opened by the Dongguan Exhibition Hall and Foshan Zh...
The Long Beach Ballet’s Artistic Director, David Wilcox, pulled out all the stops for the 35th production of the classical tale. This production boasts a f...