Moment Joyful -- Zhao Yinyin and His Friends' Concert
Zhao Yinyin is a world-class pianist, exclusive Steinway artist, and a leading figure of Chinese pianist born in the 1970s.
Magic show: Magic Wheels-Origin
The large-scale magic show Magic Wheels-Origin tells the adventure of two clowns in a magic land where four different magicians live.
Cologne New Philharmonic Orchestra Concert
The Cologne New Philharmonic Orchestra has been enchanting audiences for more than 40 years with its electrifying performance style.
Coro Las Veredas Chorus Concert
Since its foundation in 2005 by the choir master Enrique Martin, the choir of Las Veredas School has been developing choral music with 11 to 16 year old pupils.
It has been popular on world stages for half a century. Now, it has been adapted into mandarin version in which audiences will meet a different "Cinderella".
Shadow play
This new shadow play version of the beloved story includes stunning sets, sentimental music and fantasy elements that breathe fresh life into an old art form.