Exhibition of Porcelains from Changsha Kiln
The exhibition will enable the audience to experience the remarkable Tang Dynasty style on the "Maritime Silk Road" thousands of years ago through pieces ...
Eaves tiles of Qin & Han dynasties exhibition
The exhibition selected about 70 pieces of eaves tiles of Qin and Han dynasties (221BC-220 AD) collected by the Ankang Museum of Shaanxi Province.
Photo exhibition displays 100 female photographers' works
The "Magnolia in blossom" photography exhibition opened at the first-floor exhibition hall of Dongguan Culture Center on March 8th.
Mysterious Dunhuang relics unveiled at Dongguan
The exhibition will last until April 26th.
Selected Kwon-glazed porcelain on display in Dongguan
An exhibition of selected Kwon-glazed porcelain wares dating back to the Qing Dynasty opened on February 4th at the Shilong Museum in Dongguan.
This concert will combine animation with music. The wonderful film clips will allow you to relive the heartwarming stories while the beautiful music ...