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Appreciate Guanxiang flowers in bloom
2021-04-22 09:47     Source : Dongguan Today


It is the Aquilaria Sinensis season, as the trees are all in bloom. Its flower is as small and exquisite as sweet-scented osmanthus. With light yellow, the buds give off a fragrant perfume.

Aquilaria Sinensis, also called "Guanxiang" in Chinese, is the only tree named after the city's name of Dongguan. The flower blooms in April and May every year. In Guanxiang Intangible Heritage Protection Park and Gongxiangju in Dalingshan town, there are many Guanxiang trees covered in blossoms. The trees bear clusters of small, light yellow flowers, with each branch has grown at least ten tiny flowers, most of which have five yellow petals, some have six petals.

The Guanxiang flower is pure, fresh and elegant, and of great economic value. The flower fits well with the personality of Dongguan people, which are low-key but pragmatic, modest and quiet.

The flowering period is about one month. When entering June, the flower will gradually wither and begin to bear fruit. Growing from the flower's stamens, its fruit is cyan and looks like a gourd, roughly the size of longan.

Guanxiang is unique to Dongguan. The Dongguan city logo is based on the Guanxiang flower. With the primary colour of green, blue, red and orange, the logo says "the colourful Guanxiang flower".

Editor: Zheng Sihui