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2018-07-27 14:56     Source : Dongguan Today
Zhongtang is located in northwestern Dongguan, between the Guangzhou and Shenzhen economic corridor. It is 46 kilometers away from Guangzhou and 12 kilometers from the Dongguan downtown. The town covers 60 square kilometers, with a population of 140,800 among a registered population of 81,203. The town is famous for its comprehensive infrastructure, convenient land and water transport, and is known as the “North Gate of Dongguan”. It was known as ‘Home of Chinese Dragon Boat”, “Home of Chinese Dragon Boat Culture”, “National Hygiene Town”, “Provincial Education Power Town” and “Model Town of Guangdong Province for Promoting Farmer Health Nationwide”.
Dragon boat, ancient architecture and Cantonese opera are characteristic cultures of Zhongtang. In 2008, the technique of making dragon boat has entered the list of intangible cultural heritages. There are 75 places of ancient architecture in Zhongtang, which include the Family Li’s Ancestral Hall, Former Residence of Chen Botao and Fuqing Bridge. The Family Li’s Ancestral Hall was listed as cultural relics under provincial protection in 2002, while the Former Residence of Chen Botao showed the village history of the city. Fuqing Bridge, built in the fifth year of Jiaqing in the Qing Dynasty, is the most ancient stone bridge in the town. Currently, there are 22 Cantonese opera teams in Zhongtang, performing on holidays, festivals and important occasions.
Editor: 黄紫嫣