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2018-07-27 14:56     Source : Dongguan Today
As a newly emerging industrial city, a modern commercial city, a dynamic and livable city, a cultural and creative city, a town for people's livelihood and happiness as well as a town for unity and motivation, Gaobu covers an area of 34 square kilometers. The town has implemented more than 30 key projects and developed the “one city, four districts” framework, providing opportunities for the commercial logistics service industry. The “Riverside New City” brand emerges gradually, and Gaobu was honored the “National Hygiene Town, “Advanced Town for Nationwide Farmers Fitness Activities”, “Education Power Town of Guangdong Province”, “Advanced Town for Stability Maintaining and Public Security Comprehensive Treatment”, “Advanced Unit for Building Civilized Town” and “Standard Town and Street for Cultural Development”.
Located in the Pearl River Delta, Gaobu has a 300-year history of dragon boat racing culture. Dragon boats can be found in the19 communities of the town, and dragon boat competitions are held every year during the Dragon Boat Festival. People from Gaobu will carefully select the local fish and shrimp as well as the finest grain to cook the “Dragon Boat Rice” and the “Dragon boat Festival Rice Dumpling”. People from the surrounding areas are also invited to pour “dragon boat water” at one another to wish for good luck. A series of dragon boat competitions with other riverside towns and communities in Dongguan are held for nearly one month. There are also lion dance teams, martial art teams, and Guangdong music clubs in Gaobu. Famous local events such as the sports and cultural festival, enterprise culture festival, basketball games, etc are also held in Gaobu every year.
Editor: 黄紫嫣