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2018-07-27 14:56     Source : Dongguan Today

The town of Zhangmutou is also referred as Zhang City, with its laudatory title of Small Hong Kong, being a unique authentic Hakkas ancient town. Located in the southeast of Dongguan, it covers an area of 118.8 square kilometers and has a population of about 180,000. More than tens of thousands Hong Kong owners purchases house here and many Hong Kong visitors will come here for leisure, crowning the city a title of “Small Hong Kong.” Zhangmutou is a town of Chinese Folk Art, including Kylin dancing, and has successively won many honors including the National Hygiene Town, the Chinese Top 100 Town, the Featured Tourism Town of Guangdong Province, the Chinese Plastic Business and Trade Key Town, the Town of Chinese Folk Cultural and Art, and National Model Ecological-Livable Town.
Zhangmutou implements diversified cultural strategies, emphasizing the completion of the cultural facilities network and carrying out rich and colorful mass cultural activities. There are three large cultural plazas, 39 cultural centers and theaters in the town. In addition, there is a group of high-quality tourist attractions, such as the Guanhe Museum, the Guanyin Mountain National Forest Park and the Baoshan Forest Park.

Zhangmutou is the only authentic Hakka ancient town, and Kylin dance is the cultural brand and “cultural ambassador” of Zhang City. The “Small Hong Kong Tourism Festival” symbolizes the new age of cultural development of Zhangmutou.

Editor: 黄紫嫣