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Donguan Profile

Dongguan is a forerunner of modern Chinese history and a pioneer of China's reform and opening up. In 1978, Taiping Handbag Factory, China's first factory in processing and compensation trade, was established here. Since the reform and opening up, Dongguan has rooted itself firmly in the manufacturing industry and achieved rapid development via urban-rural integration, transforming from a traditional agricultural county to an internationally renowned manufacturing city. Dongguan is listed as one of China's 18 example areas, being the epitome of the renowned reform and opening up.

Location: Situated in the south central part of Guangdong Province and to the east of the Pearl River Delta, Dongguan is in the heartland of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and Guangzhou-Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Corridor.

Area: Dongguan covers a land area of 2,460 square kilometres with 4 districts and 28 towns under its jurisdiction.

Economic strength: Dongguan registered a GDP of 948.25 billion RMB and a total foreign trade volume of 1.38 trillion RMB in 2019, ranking 3rd among Top 100 Foreign Trade Cities in China for three consecutive years. This also saw Dongguan enter the top 10 for comprehensive economic competitiveness of all cities in China for the first time.

Population: Dongguan had a permanent resident population of 8.3922 million at the end of 2018, of whom 2.3159 million were registered residents. 

According to a joint report issued by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and UN Human settlements programme, Dongguan's urban competitiveness ranks 10th in China and 154th in the world.

【Urban Area】Guancheng District, Dongcheng District, Wanjiang District, Nancheng District, Shijie Town, Gaobu Town

【Songshan Lake Area】Songshan Lake Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Shilong Town, Liaobu Town, Dalingshan Town, Dalang Town, Shipai Town, Chashan Town

【Binhaiwan Bay Area】Binhaiwan Bay Area, Dongguan Port, Changan Town, Shatian Town, Humen Town, Houjie Town

【Waterfront New Area】Machong Town, Zhongtang Town, Wangniudun Town, Hongmei Town, Daojiao Town

【Eastern Industrial Park Area】Changping Town, Huangjiang Town, Xiegang Town, Qiaotou Town, Hengli Town, Dongkeng Town, Qishi Town

【Southeast Area of Dongguan Boarding Shenzhen】Tangxia Town, Zhangmutou Town, Fenggang Town, Qingxi Town

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