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Exhibition of Guqin Making Art by Wang Kexun
2020-08-31 09:37     Source : Dongguan Today


Date: Now until 20th September

Venue: Exhibition Hall, 2/F, Guancheng Art Museum (莞城美术馆二楼陈列展厅)

Guqin (the ancient Chinese zither) is one of the oldest plucked stringed instruments in the world, and also one of the most representative traditional Chinese instruments. Due to its' elegant, deep and ethereal tone, it has been an instrument for literati to express emotions for thousands of years.

The "Green Terrace" of Dongguan, one of the four famous Guqin in Guangdong, is the most legendary Guqin and has had quite an interesting journey. Guancheng Art Museum invited Wang Kexun, replicator of the "Green Terrace" and representative inheritor of Lingnan-style Guqin, to organize this exhibition. The exhibition will display 26 Guqin objects made by Wang mostly during 2006 and 2017. Through vivid pictures and written explanations, it will share Guqin culture with visitors, explaining its' origin, evolution, as well as the materials and craft-making process.

Editor: 谭晶