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'Nasal Appeal: Secrets of Aroma & Fragrance Culture' Exhibition
2020-09-02 09:16     Source : Dongguan Today


Date: 22nd August-26th October, 2020

Venue: Exhibition hall, 2/F, Complex Area, Keyuan Museum, Dongguan City (东莞市可园博物馆综合馆区二楼展厅)

Smells are intangible, and invisible to our eyes, but perceived by our nasal sense. Different scents leave varying memories in our brains, and the wonderful aromas provide physical and mental stimulation. People's demand for new scents prompted the birth of the fragrance culture and has accelerated its' vigorous development.

From where does the enchanting aroma come? Do animals and humans have the same sense of smell? The exhibition explores the olfactory characteristics of animals and humans, showing the source of various spices across nature. Various exquisite objects with a long history are on display, such as a silver chiselled peony pattern powder box from the early twentieth century, a white-glazed double ear incense burner from the Qing Dynasty, a folding silver medicine bottle of the Qing Dynasty, a carved ivory gold comb with floral edge, and much more. The exhibition also displays specimens of animals living in different environments, such as pangolins and butterflies.

Editor: 谭晶