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Exhibition of stamps featuring revolutionary sites
2021-06-18 11:48     Source : Dongguan Today


Exhibition time: June 18 to August 18, 2021

Venue: Guancheng Library (closed on Mondays)

The revolutionary sites include the former areas of important party organizations, the former residences, old residences and places of activities of historical party personages, the sites of important events and battles, the important places and cemeteries for revolutionary martyrs, various memorial facilities such as exhibition halls built after the founding of the People’s Republic of China as well as relics reflecting the Party's important historical activities, development, thoughts and culture during the revolutionary period.

The exhibition selects around 60 sets of precious stamps about the revolutionary sites issued by the PRC from 1949 to 2021. According to the chronological sequence of historical events on the stamps, the exhibition is divided into several units, such as relics of revolutionary activities,relics of martyrs' cemeteries and revolutionary museums. The stamps are displayedcorresponding to important historical events of each period, and they are also made into international-standard stamps patches for exhibition, supplemented by standard picture boards.

Editor: Chen Xiaoqian