Corner's Deli
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Corner's Deli

Corner's Deli (Dongguan), the most convenience stores specialties in supplying fine food & wine. Their mission: to serve you with top quality products and services beyond your expectation.

This upscale franchised grocery provides authentic foreign food fares and liquors from all over the world, including quality cheese, refrigerated food, cooking ingredients, coffee and wine from Italy, the U.S., France, Switzerland, Japan and other origins.

Many of their merchandise are unique, not available at other stores or super markets. The price is a bit above-average generally, but some promoted goods are cost-effective. There is a wide diversity of cheese here for reasonable price.

The ambience is clean and comfortable

Most of its customers are foreigners, plus some middle-class and better-off Chinese.

But its shops all "hide" in residential estates or a shopping mall, not easy to find.


1. Dynatown Shop

Address: 15-16 Zijing Garden, Qifeng view, Dynatown, Dongcheng East Road. Dongguan 东莞市东城东路星河传说旗峰天下紫荆苑15-16号铺 东莞每一角落

Tel: 0769-23287227


2. New Center Villa Shop

Address: B6, New Center Villa, Dong Cheng South Road, DONGGUAN东莞市东城区新世纪豪园第一居B6(东城中学对面)

Tel: (0769) 22303657

Fax: (0769) 22303657

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