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METRO, from Germany, is the world's No. 1 Cash & Carry business. In 1996, METRO landed in China. However, it didn't come to Dongguan and Guangzhou till January 2006.

The C & C Wholesale is self-service wholesale: customers pick their own goods, pay in cash and take away the goods themselves. At the Guangzhou branch, you should obtain a membership card on your first visit, which makes entering the store much easier on future visits.

Metro is one of the few retailers that practice the membership system. According to the official website, only licensed companies can register as clients. However, individual membership is accepted at the Guangzhou store and you do not need to purchase goods in bulk. Such a clear definition of customers makes it possible for Metro to offer a follow-up service and make adaptations according to customer response.

An important part of Metro's food business is its wholesale meat supplies with full support from the authorities, which opens at 3am every day.

Metro also features its low price, large warehouse, friendly after-sale service, detailed invoice and free parking etc.

It is reported that Metro will soon open one or two more stores in Guangzhou, possibly locate in Baiyun or Haizhu Districts.

(By Alan Devey)

Address: Jin'ao Rd, Wanjiang District, Dongguan 东莞市万江金鳌路 麦德龙



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