Dongguan City Planning Exhibition Gallery
2017-01-16 10:09     Source : Dongguan Today

On 9th January, the Dongguan City Planning Exhibition Gallery held an opening ceremony confirming it was officially open to the public for free. A 90-minute tour around the Gallery will provide a full picture of Dongguan’s past and present status.

Dongguan City Planning Exhibition Gallery is located on the north-western side of Qifeng Road, covering an area of 3.46 hectares, with a total construction area of 15,000 square metres. It is the first underwater planning exhibition building in China. Based on the theme of “Planning Makes Dongguan Better”, it is set in a not-for-profit exhibition space and uses  different concepts of orientation, narrative modes, informative content and advanced display methods to highlight key areas and people-centred characteristics of the city.

Dongguan City Planning Exhibition Gallery is two-storeys high. Basement 1 is the main exhibition hall with 5 display areas including Preface Hall, Footprint, Wisdom, Homeland and the Future. Basement 2 features a panoramic model areareaching almost 700 square metres, the largest sand table in China. Both present Dongguan’s future development plans stretching from 2016 to 2030 using modern visual display methods.

Editor: 容艳君