Major sports facilities
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[Dongguan Basketball Center]
The nearly completed Dongguan Basketball Center is known as the “No.1 Stadium in the CBA.” It has a total construction area of 47,480 square meters, in line with the NBA standards. The Center will have a capacity of more than 10,000 people and eligible to hold international competitions. The Center will also host other sports activities such as tennis, badminton, gymnastics, Chinese martial arts and weightlifting.
Address: Intersection of Songshan Lake Avenue and Eastern Expressway

[Dongguan Sports Center Stadium]
Established in October 1994, the stadium covers a total area of 25,165 square meters, providing 4,500 seats for spectator. The stadium has successfully held many major competitions, including serving as the home court for the Guangdong Hong Yuan in the CBA competitions, the weightlifting competition of the 16th Asian Games, the 6th National University Aerobics and Gymnastics Championships, the National Ping Pong All Stars and the basketball pre-finals and finals of the 9th National Games.
Address: Tiyu Road, Dongguan

[Dongguan Binjiang Sports Park]
There indoors sports facilities of Dongguan Binjiang Sports Park include badminton, ping pong, physical fitness, squash, etc . There is also a soccer field, 8 basketball courts, a hockey field, a croquet field, 4 standard swimming pools, one leisure pool, 6 tennis courts and 18 hiking routes outdoor. The sports park is opened to the public.
Address: Dongjiang Avenue, Batou villiage, Wanjiang Town, Dongguan

[Nancheng Sports Park]
The park has a sports stadium, a standard soccer field, a soccer-training field, 5 basketball courts, 2 volleyball courts, 2 tennis courts and 4 badminton courts. In addition, there is an Olympic park covering 18,000 square meters.
Address: Xiping, Nancheng Town, Dongguan

[Dalang Stadium]
As the home stadium for the Dongguan Marco Polo basketballteam, it has 3,010 fixed seats and a capacity of 3,800 people.
Address: Tiyu Road, Dalang Town, Dongguan

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